Saturday, May 14, 2011

Countdown to IELTS

I am looking to register for IELTS exam tomorrow, and is thinking to sit for the exam either by end of this month or early next month. Therefore, from today onwards, as part of my preparation, mcm poyo je bunyinye, I'll be posting only English entry into this blog. And as a practice to make my ears familiar with the English slang, I've changed my playlist into English song only and included nursery rhymes into it also. tapi ada 1,2 lagu Korea tersesat, xtahan godaan la.

I have started doing some of the listening exercises yesterday, and feel a bit irritated with the slang that they are using. May be because I'm too familiar with Malaysian English, I feel like the persons speaking in the record are trying to exaggerate the sound. Hopefully in these few weeks, I would be able to erase that bad feeling also.

I've been writing without doubt in Malay before this, and would be able to finish an entry in just a few minutes, but this 'first time using English in a blog' syndrom looks like going to make me stuck in front of the PC for sooo many minutes. 

So, ct, please start using back your English frequently starting from today, or else, don't dream to get at least Band 6.5 in your IELTS exam.

ads//: mission not impossible ~ write English, speak English, listen only English news and song & read only English book.... haha, bunyinye macam angan2 yang takkan jadi kenyataan. kalau da lidah Melayu, otak Melayu, tangan Melayu, telinga Melayu tu mengaku je lah..


  1. All the best kak siti. cik shahrina nak ikut jejak kak siti jugak... Englishku d tahap yang teruk...

  2. ye dik, englishku juga. harap2 bole lps la IELTS ni. klu x, nk mintak cuti belajar pn xbole nanti. padahal nk further local je. sabo je la... huhu..



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